Oaktree Security specializes in the technical skills and knowledge needed to address some of the toughest challenges in cyber security. We take pride in maintaining a holistic perspective on cyber security problems by understanding the full life-cycle of cyber defense.

Penetration Testing


Penetration tests are more than just scanning for known vulnerabilities; they are tests that allow us the opportunity to test the security controls and practices in place for an organization. Compromise of your network can be much less sophisticated than an exploit; it can be done through poor active directory practices, stored credentials in a word document or script, or through password reuse to name a few. Oaktree Security will identify security flaws and weaknesses that could allow for disclosure of sensitive information, privilege escalation, and other risks to your organization.


Vulnerability Assessments


Vulnerability assessments show a customer known vulnerabilities, missing patches, and potentially other weaknesses in their environment at a moment in time. These scans may be useful in judging the effectiveness of the current security practices and then used to develop a plan for how to address those findings in the future.

Firewall Rule Set Review

Our audits begin with analyst learning about network traffic flow and infrastructure as firewall rules are designed with these factors in consideration. With this information audit rules to identify rules that do not align with network traffic flow, overly permissive, or may negatively impact firewall performance. We then audit your firewall rules to identify overly permissive rules and other areas that can be improved.

Mobile Application Security Assessments

We will examine your mobile application’s design and perform testing directly through the end-user interface. We also perform manual testing and targeted source code reviews, in an effort to expose vulnerabilities which are not apparent through the end-user interface.